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Choosing to work with our boutique agency means that you'll receive personalized, 1-on-1 services with Erin, our experienced leader, along with dedicated members of our team, carefully chosen based on their specific areas of expertise.


We can help with...

No email expertise

You’re a single founder juggling too many tasks, and email marketing is causing you the most stress.

not enough resources

We’ll do a quick audit, identifying any issues and providing expert guidance on nurturing, converting, and retaining customers.
Don’t worry - got you covered.

unsure of sure how to scale

We’re standing by, ready to share customized strategies on how to maximize revenue and engagement.

We breathe in your brand and start unfurling revenue-boosting strategy.

What's it like to work with us?

A content calendar is created for educational and promotional campaigns.



here's an overview of our process:

Creative briefs are written with on-brand copy and content direction.


Emails are designed with bespoke creative and strategy is implemented. 


Analytics are measured and reviewed.
Sit back and watch email grow!


"Erin gave us smart recommendations for campaigns, promotions, content and lead generation to help maintain momentum through the email channel."

Recharge + Klaviyo Set Up For no.8

No. 8 is a groundbreaking wellness start up harnessing the power of nootropics. They needed set up and direction of Recharge automations as well as Klaviyo flows.

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Not everyone is a right fit for us. Our brand partners recognize the importance of nurturing relationships with their customers and value the journey as much as the destination. We love what we do and our email campaigns reflect that. Sound like a fit? Let's chat!

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